Save your money, don’t build an app

According to a Pew Research study in May 2013, 56% of adults in the US owned a smart phone. So if you build an app you can potentially reach 56% of the population. But some of those are iPhones, some are Android, some are BlackBerry and some are Windows phones, etc. So you really need to build 5 or 6 apps to reach all of those users. That’s a lot of work to not even reach 46% of the adult population.

The same study found that another 35% have a at least “dumb cell phone.” now you’re looking at 91% of the adult population with a cell phone of some type. So what can 91% of adults in the US do? Call and Text.

If you ask me spending a few dollars to reach 91% of the adults in the US is money well spent. Of the 9% without cell phones, most have a landline or can still make a phone call at a shared phone so now you’re approaching 100% of your potential customers. Coincidently, according to another study, 9% of adults have never eaten a hotdog.

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